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St. Paul Hospital - Milan - Italy


DAMA Project (Disabled Advanced Medical Assistance) had its start at St.Paul's Hospital in Milan in May 2000. It was made possible by the collaboration of St. Paul's, LEDHA (which is the union of more than 50 organizations dealing with disables), the Medicine School at the University of Milan, and the Region Lombardia. The main aim of the project is giving serious disables the right assistance. Heavy disables have objective problems in entering hospitals and having quick and efficient diagnostic-therapeutic answers to their needs. This is due to the fact that they have special needs, as the presence of somebody always wìth them during the time they have to stay at the hospital, the need of a quiet place to stay, a shorter time of wait, and a specific pattern of assistance. By the co-ordination between the Hospital's different services, departments and specialists, DAMA project is able to help disables, recovering them in Day-Hospital, or surgery, avoiding inappropriate long admissions, that usually are too heavy for both the family and the hospital itself. The help of LEDHA's volunteers is very important to us, as they can decode the need of disables who are not able to communicate, and they also accompany them along the way. A call-center you can get in contact with by using a free number was created with the specific aim of allowing the equipe, who receives the phone call, to decide which pattern is the best to follow, relating to each specific case. It could be in Emergency Room, or Day-Hospital, or surgery. At the end of the pattern a card containing the anamnestic and clinical data of the patient is written, which will come to be part of a computer archive, that physicians can rapidly consult. especially in emergency situations. Having a specialized staff is fundamental, in order to guarantee to disables their right to health. This is why the University is one of the partners of our project. It's important that a specific program dealing with these particular subjects comes to be part of the plan of study (School). It's also clear that the University is the best place where a complex study of a part of the population with specific clinical characteristics can take place.


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DAMA Project

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